Current State of Aeroponics

Today’s aeroponic systems are industrial in appearance with large unattractive metal or plastic structures that are not suitable for display.  As a result, they are hidden away from the end consumer of the foodstuffs grown. Systems supposedly intended for at home use appear more like a sterile environment found in food factories rather than a natural growing environment.

There is a need for aeroponic growing systems with a more natural organic look. The ability to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in a highly efficient manner in the exact same location as they are consumed would be of great interest to various groups of people including consumers and restaurateurs.

Our intelligent aeroponic growing system contains sensors to monitor a variety of indicators notifying the user of solution level and temperature in the reservoir for holding plant nutrient solution, humidity and temperature in the interior space of the support structure, and light exposure on the outer surface of the support structure.

An internet connection from one or more of the sensors can be provided via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth.  Sensor readings can be provided to a computer or mobile phone-based application which provide the user with notifications on adjustments to be made to the various parameters to increase the productivity or life of the growing plants.

BotaniX AeroponiX - patented design

Patented Technical Design

The Botanix Aeroponix patented design mimics the appearance of a natural organism; a bonsai tree in this particular design.

One of the features of the presently shown aeroponic growing system it that it can have the appearance of being wholly and completely comprised of organic matter. Our units will have the overall appearance of being natural plants, trees, vines or any other flora and even combination thereof. The curving branches of the present system provide for internal areas for pooling of the plant nutrient solution. These internal pooling areas can provide solution to maintain humidity inside the system.

The aeroponic growing systems can be composed of trunks, branches, limbs, and other substrates made of materials, such as polyurethane, silicone, or composite materials to resemble natural plant limbs, trunks, and branches. 

Seedling baskets can be inserted into the numerous openings located throughout all of the afore-mentioned substrates of the unit.  The growing basket openings in the trunks, branches, and limbs of the growing system housing the seedlings will over time flower and have the appearance of being the plant, fruit or other organic matter which has sprouted or flowered from the trunk, branches or limbs of the arboreal aeroponic growth unit. The vegetables, fruits and other organic plant material can then be harvested as and when appropriate.

BotaniX AeroponiX - patented design cross-section

Design Components

The systems can be composed of a base which will have the appearance of a pot or stand and can be a stabilizing base with the aeroponic pump unit, hose manifold and reservoirs for solutions housed therein and concealed from visibility.

The pump or pumps, in some cases, will have inlets connected to the reservoirs, and outlets into which pliable and flexible hoses with openings will be inserted. In some cases, there can be a hose manifold located after the pump and the reservoir in order to distribute the plant nutrient solution through the plurality of hoses connected to the manifold.

The hoses are then fed up through the main branch of the arboreal apparatus and manipulated and affixed into the dispersing limbs of the arboreal unit with the openings being directed toward the baskets which house the seedlings of the organic vegetables or fruits.

BotaniX AeroponiX - patented design - growing system

Design Variations

Large scale Botanix units, or multiples of small-scale units, of our aeroponic growing system can be used in restaurant, fast-food, and other dining establishments to provide patrons the opportunity to access on “premise-to-table” produce versus farm-to-table produce.

The aeroponic growing systems can greatly increase efficiencies of provision and production of fresh produce in a visually appealing manner. Our aeroponic growing systems can be produced to look like actual vegetation (bonsai trees, Christmas trees, marijuana plants, and other plants), in which and on which the homeowner or business owner can produce their own fresh produce.

Additional design features such as small waterfalls, lighting, trickling streams and ponds can also be added to the aeroponic growing systems and in the case of restaurants and/or fast food businesses the units’ size and scale may be magnitudes of order larger than those embodiments used by individual consumers.

The hose openings can dispense a nutrient rich solution directly on to the roots of the plants which can be contained in growing baskets which are affixed into the apertures of the limbs of the aeroponic unit which has the appearance of being an organic plant, tree or other flora. The opening in the hoses will then administer a timed spray of the nutrient rich solution into the base of the baskets where the seedlings are housed. The nutrient rich solution will then flow back down into the base of the unit by way of gravity for recirculation.

The type of plants that can be grown using our aeroponic growing system include, without limitation, vegetables including lettuces, spinach, kale, beans, peppers, cucumbers and peas, fruit including tomatoes and berries,  and grains, grasses, herbs, moss, lichen, fungi, edible flowers, ornamental flowers, and medicinal marijuana.

Home Grown “Live Pure”

Botanix Aeroponix wants to propel its consumer and commercial aeroponiX business to exceedingly high-levels of growth, profitability, franchisability, create a wholesale restaurant supply-chain model, as well as a patented merchandisable product line. Botanix Aeroponix provides patented, merchandisable aeroponic grow-units and products for consumers. Our flag ship products are organic looking aeroponic grow-units that are unique globally, in that our grow units are specially designed to replicate the appearance of any organic matter.

Botanix Aeroponix “Home Grown” products are unique globally and are secured and protected with design and utility patents granted by the USPTO. Globally all aeroponic home-grow units are devoid of unique designs and organic appearance. They all resemble laboratory, experimental equipment and look very sterile and unnatural. 

Our units, on the other hand can be focal points within the home, placed on the back porch, rooftop decks and in the garden. Their designs are eye-catching, unique and novel in that they will be produced to look like actual vegetation in which and on which the home or business owner can produce his own home-grown fresh produce.

Additional features such as small waterfalls, trickling streams and ponds can also be added to the grow systems creating serene and beautiful features that are both functional and productive.

The patented Botanix Aeroponix “home grown” systems are well-suited for consumer sales as they are a novel way for homeowners who do not have large gardens to grow their own produce. They are easier to maintain as well as being less expensive, faster and make it easier to grow home grown produce in comparison to traditional methods. Even if consumers do have a yard Botanix Aeroponix can help ensure produce of higher quality and healthier than most providers.

The Zen Café “Live Pure”

We have formed Botanix Aeroponix, Inc., as a C Corp., which will be the holding entity of the consumer products division – as well as the franchise restaurants – Live Pure Garden Bar LLC and the wholesale supply chain business – which will sell commercial scale grow units.


BotaniX AeroponiX - Zen Cafe concept

Botanix Aeroponix will enter the franchise restaurant industry with its Live Pure Garden Health Bar, thereby creating a novel business model that will be the future of the micro-farm onsite food production and consumption. Each and every one of our restaurants and cafes will have a similar design incorporating a large front of store/street side display window wherein, a large Botanix Aeroponix patented aeroponic organically designed grow unit as depicted above, will be displayed. These large organic grow units/systems will be 6 to 8’ tall and span 8 to 10’ in width (as space allows), and will be the restaurants front of shop display to passing customers. They will be made of silicone and comprise a rigid inner skeleton. They will appear to be a replica of a utopian and idyllic garden. These aeroponic grow systems will be 100% completely functional and will grow and display the restaurants’ fresh produce in full view of the passing trade.

Restaurant goers will be fascinated to see and learn that the very same fresh produce they are ordering and consuming has been planted, grown, harvested and prepared for them to consume right there in the store. This model completely changes the restaurant business’s current paradigm. Live Pure Health Bars will be virtually self-sustaining and self-sufficient restaurants that will only purchase items that are do not include fresh produce, fruit and vegetables. To supplement the restaurants’ supply Live Pure will have micro-grow facilities which will supply its Health Bars and other restaurants.

Customers will be impressed by eco-friendliness of the Restaurants’ model and also be intrigued by the grow units. Restaurants will inform customers that they can purchase their very own units for their own home from the restaurants or the website to use in their homes, yards, gardens and rooftops. Live Pure’s Health Garden Bars will have these units for sale and our “Home Grown” product lines will be available for purchase via online platforms such as amazon, in big box chain stores and other lifestyle and gardening chain stores.

BotaniX AeroponiX - Zen Cafe concept counter

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